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For PYUA, sustainability is the most important guideline in the company. PYUA develops high-quality and functional outerwear for people who treat nature with respect and want to shop ecologically and fairly without sacrificing function, enjoyment of sport and style.

In addition to the sporty-functional aspect, the focus is always on a trend-oriented design with an urban character. The outfits look just as good on the street as on the mountain, when walking or in extreme sports. PYUA products do not only protect in all weather conditions, but the consumer can also have a clear conscience in matters of environment and health. According to the motto: "PYUA is YOUR statement about the environment".


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The company is based on a love of sports activities and extreme sports in nature. PYUA is drawn outdoors to feel part of nature and to expand its own boundaries. This kind of lifestyle is called PYUA Freeriding. Freeriding is the way of life off the beaten track with a boundless feeling of freedom and the desire to share this feeling with friends. Unlike traditional sports, there are no unit-of-measure ratings here, this is about the experience itself and about enjoying one's personal freedom in harmony with nature - in all weather conditions!


PYUA's very special outdoor passion is winter sports. Here the demands on clothing are extremely high and must fulfil all the basic characteristics that are also important for many other sports: waterproof, windproof, breathable and warming.

But PYUA wants even more! - PYUA wants to protect its passion for outdoor sports and develops ecologically as well as socially sustainable functional clothing that doesn't look organic, but modern and stylish!


effondrement de  glacier, Alaska


The pressure to take responsibility for the environment grows with the increasing environmental problems. Unfortunately, issues such as environmental disasters or climate change are often not taken seriously enough because many people do not feel directly affected. But PYUA's basic attitude is that even our descendants can still experience and enjoy the beauty of nature as we do.


PYUA wants to set a good example in its field and takes a pioneering role in environmentally conscious functional clothing, so that nature can continue to be experienced and protected in its purest form. 

For PYUA this means:

  • Manufacturing products as resource-conserving as possible
  • keep CO2 emissions as low as possible
  • curb the production of garbage
  • produce as energy-efficiently as possible
  • produce products that are as free of pollutants as possible




Functional clothing is mainly worn by people who spend a lot of time outdoors, who are very close to nature or who even care about the environment. They are very interested in sports activities in nature and want to be active and active in all weather conditions. However, many people are not aware that their clothing leaves negative ecological traces, although they actually want to protect the environment.

As a rule, functional clothing is made of synthetic fibres in order to meet the extremely high demands of waterproof, breathable, windproof and warming. Often the synthetic fibres are treated with harmful chemicals or permanently bonded with other types of materials to meet these requirements or to achieve particularly high performance values. As a result, functional clothing is usually not recyclable and ultimately pollutes the environment, wastes resources and can even be harmful to health.


PYUA is the ecological alternative for functional clothing. The aim is to keep the ecological footprint as low as possible and to manufacture products that are harmless to health.

PYUA wants to show a credible way to wear functional clothing in harmony with nature and to significantly reduce the contradiction between "enjoying nature" and "burdening it at the same time".


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Many old clothes and functional textiles made of synthetic materials end up in landfills after use, where they more or less rot or are later destroyed in a waste incineration plant. This not only emits huge amounts of CO2, it also destroys valuable raw materials. What many consumers do not know: Plastic is obtained from crude oil, a limited resource our earth and is therefore more precious than many consumers are aware of.


PYUA products are of very high quality and have a long "service life". Whether, when and for what reasons a product is disposed of is the responsibility of the carrier. However, PYUA wants to avoid the dead end of landfill as much as possible and uses the existing structure of the old clothes containers to ensure the return of the products. PYUA products are then sorted out and recycled by partner companies. In this way, PYUA plays its part in sustainably and environmentally friendly recycling of old functional textiles and creating new materials.


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Kiel is the headquarters of the company and the home of PYUA. This may sound unusual at first, but opposites attract each other - and there are even similarities. The sea and the mountains are places of extreme weather conditions and important points in the cycle of the earth's water. For PYUA, sea and mountains are the passion for water in all its states of aggregation and nature itself. For PYUA, the company headquarters in Kiel is therefore not a contradiction, but an addition. Rather, the northern German weather, the proximity to shipping and the sea is a source of ideas for a special brand and its highly functional products!


We do Mountain Nautic Engineering. Inspired by the forces of nature of the mountains and seas, PYUA products are made for extreme weather conditions. - But always under the premise of sustainability in order to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible. The term Mountain Nautic Engineering stands for the functional product properties and design details as well as the recycling technology to protect the mountains and oceans or the climate and nature.


light waves on blue sea and cloudy sky with sun

Brand name and logo


The brand name PYUA comes from the Asian and means "pure" and "clear". These attributes stand for the most important guideline of the company - sustainability.


The stylized tilted 8 is the symbol of infinity and the recycling process. The circle is also a symbol of infinity and protection. The colour blue stands for the earth's water resources, which are in an infinite cycle and occur in different states of aggregation.


In sum, the logo means "pure" and "infinite" and symbolizes the closed recycling cycle and the take-back process for PYUA products. The logo stands for durability and the protective and respectful treatment of the environment. The clear and round shapes are a reference to harmony and nature.

"Ecorrect Outerwear" complements the logo and communicates ecological and sustainable functional clothing.





PYUA is the first functional clothing brand in the world to manufacture high-quality outerwear from recycled or recyclable polyester materials and to recycle it completely in a closed loop with a take-back system and special partners. - The so-called closed-loop recycling. In this way it is possible, for example, to produce trousers for the new PYUA collection from an old, recycled PYUA jacket.

In addition to function and longevity, the products are characterised by extremely energy- and raw material-efficient production. New polyester fibres are usually produced from crude oil and are the product of a limited and precious resource.

With closed-loop recycling of polyester products into new polyester yarn of equivalent quality, energy consumption and CO2 emissions are only one fifth of those of the original polyester production. It reduces waste production and avoids unnecessary consumption of crude oil.

Despite its environmentally friendly potential and recyclability, polyester textiles are usually landfilled after use and precious resources are wasted. PYUA avoids this waste and uses the existing structure of the well-known used clothing containers and recycling partners to create a single endless cycle for outdoor, sports and lifestyle clothing.





The brand philosophy is reflected in many respects in product development. Design and development are as clear as the brand itself and always pursue the goal of combining style, function and sustainability. Already at the product development stage, care is taken to plan each product as sustainably as possible so that the end product can be included in PYUA's closed loop. PYUA either tries to plan a product as pure as possible (outer fabric, membrane, lining fabric, backing made of polyester) or it is already taken into account during the planning phase that different materials can be easily separated from each other during the recycling process.


As a supplier of sportswear, PYUA sees itself as a brand that is absolutely responsible for the global challenges associated with the textile value chain. On the one hand, this concerns product selection and manufacturing methods according to ecological standards, as well as the responsibility for the social circumstances of the service providers involved in the manufacturing process. For these reasons, PYUA is not only a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, but has also decided to produce mainly in Europe. Because PYUA's most important motto is: Fair and sustainable clothing.